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Lay volunteers and clergy visit those who are sick or shut-in, in hospitals, nursing homes and private homes, taking Holy Communion, healing prayer or just a comforting presence to those who are unable to attend church. The clergy lead a Pastoral Care Team that coordinates pastoral care visits and other support activities such as providing meals and transportation. They also lead afternoon services at Pine Acres Nursing Home on the fourth Thursday and at the Chatham Hills (formerly King James) Care Center on the third Sunday of every month. Call the parish office to request a visit or to alert the church to a pastoral need.

Because of privacy concerns, hospitals no longer notify the church of a parishioner’s admission unless the patient asks them to, so please let us know if you or someone you know is hospitalized. The clergy are on call for emergencies at all times.

If you would like to help or join the Pastoral Care Team, call or email our clergy. No special skills are necessary, other than a desire to help others at difficult times in their lives, and something as simple as holding a service book for a nursing home resident or transporting someone to church or to a doctor’s appointment is very meaningful. The exception is that those who wish to be Eucharistic Visitors (administer Holy Communion in hospitals and elsewhere) have to be confirmed Episcopalians and must be licensed by the Bishop; the clergy are happy to provide you with the necessary training.

Pastoral Care

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