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Thank you to the Mulch Crew

Mulch slingers and garden sprucers worked hard this past Saturday. Thank you to Laura Lamaire, Melissa Honohan, Kirk Nixon, Kurt Beaudouin, Mark Sacher, Janet Ross, Mike Cullen, Kathleen Munter, Peter Munter and Marilyn Musielski-- and also to Georgeann DiGiovanni (not pictured). The grounds look marvelous! 

Wine Tasting Vertical.png


Virtual Wine Tasting! 

Gary's Wine and Marketplace is delighted to host a special Wine Tasting evening for Grace Church parishioners and friends on Wednesday, October 21, from 7:00-8:30pm via Zoom. You may choose a wine or mocktail option. A Sommelier will explain the different wines, help us identify aspects of the wines and food pairings, there will be breakout room time enjoy the wines and chat, and then regroup to learn about the next wine.

The Wine Tasting includes three selections: Vermentino, Terra Santa 2019, Pinot Noir, Delatour 2018, and Cabernet Sauvignon, Angels Landing 2016, each with a cheese pairing. 

The Mocktail Tasting includes three non-alcoholic offerings by Mingle: Cranberry Cosmo, Melon Mojito, and Moscow Mule, also with a cheese pairings.

Extra fun! There will be a gift basket from Gary’s awarded at the end of the evening!

rsvp by October 18

Event Tickets

Ticket includes: admission for one person; and one Wine Tasting Kit.

Want to share the wine and Zoom experience with someone in your household? $30/additional person

1 Wine Tasting Kit: $100
(or $125 if you choose)


1 Mocktail Tasting Kit: $75

Delivery charge for zip codes not on list below: $25

Free delivery for zip codes: 
07922, 07926, 07927, 07928, 07961, 07936, 07932, 07933, 07935, 07039, 07940, 07041, 07950, 07960, 07974, 07976, 07054, 07869, 07078, 07081, 07901,07981

Tasting kits will be delivered on, or shortly before, the tasting date to the address you specify when making payment.

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