Each winter the Rector leads an Inquirer’s class for adults who are interested in learning more about the Episcopal Church – its history, tradition, and mission. Ultimately, many of those taking this class decide to be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church.

Meanwhile, our Priest Associate will leads a confirmation class starting on November 1st, on Sunday nights from 7 -8 pm, for youth who are ready to publicly affirm their Baptismal vows and take their place as adults in the church.  Youth are typically confirmed in 8th grade or during high school. Although not required for confirmation, many youth have participated in our youth group programs, which help to develop their spiritual maturity. Grace Church parishioners are confirmed by the Bishop at Trinity + St. Philip’s Cathedral in Newark, along with men and women from other churches in the Diocese of Newark.

If you are interested in participating in an Inquirer’s or Confirmation class, please contact the Rector.