Kids Activities

Friday Night Dinners

On many Friday Nights, Grace offers dinner to kids from ages PreK through 6th grades. These events include preparing the food, a discussion of a spiritual topic, or a service project or games. Sometimes the youth put on a talent show, have a guest speaker, or go bowling.

PreK Dinner Party (Pre Kindergarten)

Groovy Grace Night (Kindergarten – 2nd Graders)

Far Out Friday (3rd – 6th graders)


Mindfulness 4 Kids

Grace periodically offers classes in Mindfulness for children from PreK through grade 9. These classes help children to become more aware of their thoughts and emotions, which can help them become better students, athletes and self-advocates. A child who is able to take a step back from his/her thoughts and emotions is able to respond with skill and calmness to challenging situations. Watch The Messenger and the Grace Notes for class announcements.



The Girls of Grace have created, produced and starred in our annual production of Doll since 2010. This is an opportunity for the kids to put on a play loosely inspired by the American Girl Doll stories. They develop the ideas for the skits, and perform to sold-out houses at the Madison Community House. The proceeds from each production are used to create a college scholarship that is awarded each June to a High School Senior. Doll 5 raised $2800 for this scholarship.