The purpose of Grace Church:

  • To worship and serve God;
  • To welcome all those who seek a Christian community to worship and serve God with us;
  • To minister to the needs of the congregation, the greater community and the world, demonstrating Christ’s love for all people;
  • To strengthen the faith and assure the continued vitality of our parish.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Meeting the spiritual and social needs of our congregation through excellence in worship and parish programs;
  • Opening our doors to others by providing a variety of worship, spiritual formation and social activities, as well as physical access to those activities;
  • Increasing our contribution to outreach ministries annually with the goal of moving ever closer to the ideal of devoting one-half of our income to needs outside our parish;
  • Reaching out to our community to attract and retain new members and revitalize inactive parishioners;
  • Maintaining and improving our physical resources for long-term benefit of the parish;
  • Focusing on building our financial and other resources in order to increase our capacity for growth in outreach and other programs.