Grace warmly welcomes all newcomers and visitors. We’re an inclusive faith community and pride ourselves on our attention to liturgy and our love for fellowship. Our programs for children, youth, and adults — including our talented choirs — inspire worship and hospitality. We enjoy serving God together.

At Grace, we root ourselves in our rich Anglican traditions. Services are celebrated every day of the year. Please join us.

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Sunday Worship Schedule

8:00 AM Holy Eucharist Rite I
10:00 AM Holy Eucharist Rite II
6:00 PM Last Chance Mass, HE RII
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Upcoming Events


  • September 8   6:15 pm     First Friday: Profile Committee Update
  • September 10 11:15 am   Parish Picnic
  • September 14/15             Choir Rehearsals resume
  • September 17                   Welcome Back Sunday-Ministries Fair
  • September 24                   First Day of Sunday School
  • September 30 8:00 am     Choir Boot Camp
  • September 30 6:00 pm     Rite 13 Dinner